Have a WP blog? Use our plugin!

Wouldn't it be cool if all the blogposts on your own blog would show up on a map at precisely the right location and with all the info. Indeed that is cool. And that's why we've built Trayle. For users of Wordpress we have developed a plugin that allows them to 'Trayle' their posts on their own blog. To do this, follow these simple instructions

Get the plugin

Download the plugin from our site and upload in your blog.



Install it

In your plugin overview you should activate the Trayle plugin.

plugin overview

Then go to the Trayle plugin tab and fill in your username. The username is the name you use to login into trayle.

trayle plugin

Start trayling

When this is done you can use the Trayle button in your blog. Select the text you want to Trayle, press the button and the Trayle popup helps you tag your text.


Set your rss-feed

The final step is to enter the URL of the rss feed of your Word Press blog in your Trayle profile. When you do, Trayle will scan that feed to see if if you have used the Trayle button to tag your texts. If you have we put your Trayles on your map.